Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Honda Cub Bristol Update #1

Sooo.. hello again.

Been busy tinkering with the orange C90 which I have now christened PIZZA EXPRESS.

I had a puncture last week and the rear tire and tube were on their last legs anyway, so I had a bit of an Ebay shopping spree and got some new goodies:

Michelin Gazelle 2.75-17
Inner tube
Chain & sprocket set
Break pads
More stickers! ; )

Replacing the old 2.50 tire with the new bigger one worked really well, no issues. I had to file the break pads down a tiny bit on one side to make them fit properly. The chain could have been a wee bit longer but again, no real problem. I am running a 16 tooth sprocket at the front [one bigger than original] and the original 39 at the back. I'm toying with going down to 35 at the back but I'd hate to loose more pulling power. The first gear is still a bit wasted.. I mostly use the second gear as first. It was of course worse with the 14 front sprocket that was on there originally. Let's see.. needs some more testing.

New rising sun sticker.. anything that takes attention away from the garish orange is welcome.

I also finally replaced the ugly front indicators which were used before with a wind shield.

I also dumped the idea of adding some 'normal mirrors' and just added a bar end mirror that I had lying around.

I also replaced the old weird looking 'pod air filter' with a TwinAir foam filter that was lying around. I had to adapt the part that screws to the carb but it now fits fine and hey, IT HAS ORANGEY BITS ON IT :D

Last modification: Putting some rubber thingies on the gear selector. I found some bicycle accessories that did the trick. 

Just cut them to measure and they slipped on just perfectly. Tip: Use some hairspray before you slip them on, that way they stay on better.

I also found a nice additional exhaust damper solution in case I need to have it quieter for MOT or whatever. Got a VW exhaust from Ebay and made it fit to the end can. 

One more thing: After hacking the front fender apart and putting it together again [didn't liked the shape/look], I've now re-adjusted the angle and I'm now much more happy with the looks.

So, that's it for now. Keep on clunking! :P

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