Wednesday, 24 August 2016

HELLO Bristol Honda Cub / C90 70 50 people!

So, here we are. A blog. Of course a blog :P

I am looking since a while for Honda Cub folks in Bristol. I finally found one [Nathan / Henleaze] and this morning on the way to work I saw another excited looking bloke on a blue metallic one driving up Whiteladies Road. I waved like a lunatic and he honked the horn, but I needed to crack on so didn't follow and pester him. We hopefully meet again one day.

So, for a start the idea is to get this blog ranking in Google for 'Honda Cub Bristol', so in case anyone googles 'Honda Cub / C90 Bristol', they will get here.

You can mail me [supaswag AT] if you like to get in contact and maybe go for a ride and/or talk shit about mopeds.

I learned something from Nathan the other day [I'm German]: A shitty moped is called "clunk" in Bristol. Nice.

Here's my bike:

Keep on clunking!